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The 3 Best Stay Put Drugstore Lip Products


There is one thing that women on the go need- a lip product that stays put during their busy lifestyle. I have tried quite a few lip things, but not many of them lasted through the day. So I went on a search of the top longest lasting lip products: from stains to actual lipstick. Here is what I discovered.

#3 L’Oréal Infallible Lipstick

This product retails at $9.99 in CVS. It is a lipstick. Definitely not the most reliable but if you are looking for a lipstick but will stay on once you put it on, this one will do that. Unlike most lipsticks, which fade completely throughout the day, the Loreal Infallible Lipsticks will stay put. Once applied to your lips, it eventually dries with some transfer, but not the amount normal lipsticks do.




Super smooth application Does fade eventually, but longer lasting than other lipsticks
Huge variety of colors Not transfer resistant like stains are
Does not crease on your lips Takes time to apply- have to be very careful because the color is pigmented
Pigment lasts for up to 7 hours Will have to reapply after a while

Personally, these are my favorite lipsticks. I have tried many drugstore brands and found that these are the best. The formula is very smooth and the colors are beautiful. I do reapply these but only after eating something or drinking coffee since they do transfer onto the cup. This is definitely not a kissable color but the variety of shades is great- you can find many that match your skin tone. One of my favorite things about them? They DO NOT SMELL! I am not a fan of lipsticks that smell like they literally poured acrylic paint into them (For example, the NYC lipsticks smell like that). These do not have a scent at all. The Kate Moss lipstick collection for Rimmel London have a very sweet and attractive scent which I wish they added that to these. Otherwise, I highly recommend these for going out for a few hours or even class/work. There are a lot of everyday shades but the night time shades are beautiful as well.

The one color that matches all skin tones is 814 Forever Frapple: a darker nude matte color. My favorite is the 814 and 112 Unending Kiss. Swatches of the ones I own below (last one is 129 Beyond Blushing, for whatever reason hes upside down):


#2 Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

This product retails at $8.99 in CVS. It is a pencil like lip stain- like a jumbo sized lip pencil but better. Very smooth application but don’t be fooled: the color in the packaging is not EXACTLY the color you will get when you stain your lips.




Long Lasting Not a lot of colors
Stains, so relatively smudge proof once its dry Does not last all day
Moisturizing Some colors are very similar.
Applies very smoothly Takes some time to set in so don’t go rubbing your lips right away.

The reason why the color is not the same when you use this product is because everyone’s lips are a different color. The stain will pick up a pigment color in your lips and adjust to your color. The color “Honey/Douce” looks slightly purple when you apply, but after drying, my lips changed to a mauve pink- similar to the color of the packaging. So do not freak out when you open the packaging and see a strange shade, it will adjust. Sadly, there are not too many colors in this collection which disappoints me. I would have liked to see more variation. Not everyone will match with the available colors. But, the application is very easy and feels very smooth on your lips. It also leaves your lips smelling a little minty which is always nice. This is an on the go lip stain/balm so you do not need a lot of time to apply it. Reapplication is necessary because this is a “balm” stain, which means with time it will fade. I find that this stain is good for the everyday make up- for special occasions I recommend something a lot more stay put.

In terms of “kissability”, these are not bad. They won’t transfer once they are dry but while wet I would not recommend an intense make-out session. Swatches of the ones I own below (Top to Bottom: Romantic, Crush, Sweetheart, Cherish, Honey, and Precious):


#1 L’Oréal Infallible Lip Stain

This product retails at $11.99 in CVS. One side contains the “stain” and the other has a balm to add shine and moisture. The balm is completely clear and it will not stain or transfer. It actually smells nice and does not have a taste to it. Thus it is comfortable to wear.




VERY long lasting Mostly available in darker colors
Kiss proof, smudge proof Have to reapply the balm throughout the day if your lips get dry
Easy to find a color that fits your skin tone Difficult to remove (I recommend using olive oil to remove)
Shiny- Looks like you are wearing a fresh coat of lipstick Can have a crease effect on lips if not applied properly.

Stay factor? So permanent that nothing will take it off. It is the perfect long lasting lip stain- no matter what your lips touch, it will not come off. You can eat, kiss, rub your lips all day and NOTHING will happen. It’s definitely amazing.  Obviously, such a potent formula is difficult to remove. The reason I like this product more than other lip stains, it does not actually “stain” your lips. It creates a layer of pigmented color over your lips so it does feel a little strange. It reminds me of the feeling you get when you put on false lashes- feels strange at first, but you get used to it quickly. Compared to certain stains that actually dye your lips, this one is easier to take off but it still takes some time. It can dry out your lips but as long as you reapply the included balm, you should not have that problem. But, if you do not properly exfoliate and moisturize your lips before applying, it will get flaky.

My application suggestion:

Step 1) Exfoliate your lips with a scrub- I make my own with lemon and sugar.

Step 2) Apply a moisturizer and let your lips absorb the moisture for about 15-20 min.

Step 3) Clean your lips from the excess moisturizer- THIS IS CRUCIAL. If there is product left over, the stain will flake so make sure you get it off.

Step 4) Apply a layer of stain. Let it dry for about 2 min until it is nontransferable to touch. If needed a more potent color, apply another layer. Let dry between layers. DO NOT OVER LAYER– too much will add too much weight to the product leaving your lips unnatural and flaky.

Step 5) Apply the included balm all over your dry stain. Voila! Perfect smudge proof lips.

And here are some swatches of the ones I own:



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7 comments on “The 3 Best Stay Put Drugstore Lip Products

  1. Kendal
    August 7, 2014

    Excellent review, great photos!

  2. ashleyr0ss
    April 14, 2014

    Love these suggestions and colours! I really like the covergirl lip perfection lipsticks myself. I wrote a blog post on some good spring shades if you’re interested in taking a look :)

  3. Maddy J
    September 27, 2013

    Thanks so much for the post! Finding good lip colours are the hardest thing for me because you never know the consistency, how moisturising they are etc. and you just made it easy to understand, especially with the pros and cons columns.
    You’ve definitely influenced a few purchases :D
    Maddy xxx

  4. tarm96
    July 23, 2013

    fantastic review! i love how you do the pros and cons and show the lip shades

  5. passtherouge
    March 14, 2013

    great review! I’ll check out L’Oréal Infallible Lipstick ASAP

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